NBA Playoffs- Lakers vs. Nuggets Game 5

Will the Denver Nuggets beat the Los Angeles Lakers like they did on Monday? Or will the Lakers protect their home and beat the Nuggets?


Quarter 1 Highlights-
Lakers definitely do not start off with a good lead with a missed 3-point shot. But the Nuggets start off with an awesome lead, Denver’s own Chauncey Billups scored the first 3-pointer of the night. As I was watching this quarter, and Carmelo Anthony runs down the court I wonder: how did he miraculously become cured from his “hurt” leg on Monday night? Because he definitely is not limping anymore. The Lakers take the lead as Andrew Bynum gets an outstanding, “grown-man move” slam dunk. Hometown hero,Chauncey Billups goes for a lay-up and knees Trevor Ariza in the face, ouch, the points were taken away. But, Chauncey didn’t do it on purpose, should his points have been taken away? Chris “Birdman” Andersen strikes again and blocks a shot from Lamar Odom. The score at the end of this quarter is tied, Nuggets: 25, Lakers:25.

Quarter 2 Highlights-
Birdman was not able to block a shot from Lamar Odom again. In conclusion Odom was fouled and gets a free throw also. The Lakers are not doing so well, trailing the Nuggets, Jack Nicholson cheers on the Lakers. A good power team: Kobe Bryant, Derrick Fisher and Luke Walton, finally get in a shot after three rebounds, but that’s just what the Lakers need; they need to work together and not just rely on Kobe Bryant. The Lakers are playing so much harder than in the first quarter. At the finals seconds of the quarter Lakers’ Sasha Vujacic makes an awesome 3 point shot and ties this quarter at, Nuggets:56, Lakers:56.

Quarter 3 Highlights-
Both teams played super hard in this quarter, but it seems like the Nuggets want it more. They are tired of tying at the end of each quarter, so they are playing harder than I have ever seen them play before. Lakers’ Pau Gasol blocks a shot from Nuggets’ Dahntay Jones, with his left hand! They say he is a star player every night! The game is actually starting to get intense in the third quarter, as the crowd shouts “defense!” and “let’s go Lakers!”. After trying to stop this “tying streak,” at the end of the quarter the game ties at, Nuggets: 76, Lakers: 76.

Quarter 4 Highlights-
This is a very tight game, the largest lead has only been by 7 points by the Nuggets. Kobe Bryant and Chauncey Billups are put into the hot seat to save there team and win. The Lakers are playing very hard and a slam dunk by Kobe Bryant gives them their largest lead of the game, 4 points. But where is Carmelo Anthony? He has been on the bench since the beginning of third quarter, and the Nuggets definitely need him in the game to win. Carmel Anthony is finally put back in to the game and he soon gets another foul! (*Carmelo Anthony has the most fouls in the series) Near to 4 minutes in to the fourth quarter you can definitely tell that the Lakers really want to win this game, they now have an 11 point lead! In the end Lakers win, Nuggets:94, Lakers: 103.

The Lakers wins this game but what will the outcome of game 6 be? Where will amazing happen this year? Tell our visitors what you think.

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