Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony’s Baby Shower Given On the Roof Top of the Gramercy Park Hotel, New York City

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Yesterday I was sitting in the dentist office browsing US Weekly when I saw this picture of Jennifer Lopez. The angle of the photo in US Weekly made Jen look a lot bigger. The caption read “Jennifer Lopez in Valentino.” Today I decided to look in on Jen and found out she is reportedly expecting twins, possibly fraternal twins because the color scheme of her baby shower is said to have been in both pink and blue. Below are pictures from Jen’s baby shower.

Diane Sawyer attends Jeniffer’s baby shower January 19, 2008


King of Queens’ Leah Remini attends Jennifer’s baby shower January 19, 2008


Roberto Cavalli attends Jennifer’s baby shower January 19, 2008

Here is what people are saying about Jen

Kudos to Jennifer for sporting those heels, especially if she’s lugging around twins. I know I couldn’t have done it, even pregnant with one baby! I hope they share the news with us once the baby(ies) arrive.

Jennifer is seriously an adorable pregnant woman! I can’t remember her face ever glowing that much before! I’m willing to bet she can’t wait until her bundle(s) of joy get(s) here!

I could not look more amazing. She makes it look so easy!

Look at those legs!! She looks amazing. I am most excited for her baby or babies out of all the pregnant celebs this year.

I’m really happy for her because it seems like it has been a difficult road for her to get pregnant. She absolutely glows !!

Boy and girl due in a few weeks! so pleased for her

Check out those legs!! How does she do it? At that point in my pregnancy, my legs looked like little sausages.
She looks fabulous.

I am so happy for this couple that they are finally going to be parents together. I hope she shares the news with us and maybe a picture.

I agree Gabriella, I think she’s having a twin boy and a twin girl also. I can’t wait until she gives birth and we find out their names!

Wow. Those heels are incredible. I couldn’t even wear them and I’m definitely not pregnant, let alone carrying twins (maybe)!! My back is hurting just looking at them!

I was thinking about how incredible her legs look as well.

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