Teen Model Karlie in Teenvogue

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Thanks for all the comments! Going through them, I see that a lot of you are interested in breaking into the modeling industry, so I thought I’d give some tips on how to get started. From what’s shown on television I feel like girls and guys get a very skewed view of what the modeling industry is really about and what is expected of potential models. First thing’s first: You have to be realistic. Just like many other professions out there, modeling has some pretty stringent criteria that is rarely overlooked. Most important is height?most (but not all!) models are at least five eight. The best way to tell if you have what it takes to be a model is to have someone take color snapshots of you with no makeup, natural hair, and wearing fitted clothes (shorts and a fitted tee or a swimsuit work well). You should be photographed against a white background, and you’ll need face shots (smiling and not smiling) and a full body shot. If you live near a major U.S. city for modeling (New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, Chicago, or San Francisco), call individual agencies to see if they have an open call This is a time set aside by the agencies when potential models are invited in for a consultation. Go to this armed with your snapshots. If you do not live close to a modeling hub, don’t worry. Call an agency in one of the larger cities and ask if they work with any smaller agencies in your neck of the woods. You can also send pictures to agencies with all of your pertinent info, including a phone number in case they are interested. Be sure to include your measurements (bust, hips, waist) and hair and eye color. Take lots of pictures because you will not get them back from agencies once you send them. Good luck! And let me know how it goes….

How/where were you discovered?I was discovered at a local benefit runway show.

What is your favorite food?Anything with chocolate in it!

Where is your favorite city to travel and why? That is a tie between Chicago and New York.  Chicago because that’s where I was born and New York because I LOVE it!

What do you like to do in your free time?
; I LOVE to dance especially ballet and hanging out with my three sisters who I love so much!

If you weren’t modeling, what could you see yourself doing as a career?; I would be either a doctor or a teacher.

What do your friends think about you modeling?; My friends are very excited for me and are always supportive but I do miss them when I’m working.

Do you ever get to keep the clothes from the shoots?; YES! That’s my favorite part!

If you could book your dream job, what would it be?; I would love to be booked for the cover of Teen Vogue and American Vogue!

What are your must-have makeup essentials?; Clinique SPF 15 City Block, Lancome Juicy Tubes and Bobbi Brown mascara.

Who is your favorite designer?; That would be a three-way tie between Marc Jacobs, Miuccia Prada and Juicy Couture.

What do you think the hardest part of modeling is?  The hardest part of modeling is trying to balance school and family because family is most important to me!

What do you wear on go-sees?; I wear a warm smile and a good attitude!

What do you miss most about home when you’re working?  My family especially my three sisters: Kristine, Kimberly and Kariann; Oh, and my puppies too!!!!!

Who are your favorite models? Coco Rocha!; I think she’s really cool and she’s a dancer too!

What advice would you give to a girl trying to break into this industry?; I hate to sound like a cliche but in order to live your dream you have to believe in yourself.

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