Ryan Phillippe and Abbie Cornish Break Up

Ryan Phillippe (Reese Witherspoon’s Ex) and Girlfriend Abbie Cornish Split

According to reports, Reps for both camps have confirmed the Ryan Phillipe and Abbie Cornish break-up. Ryan and Abbie began dating publicly about 3 years ago when Ryan divorced Reese Witherspoon.

Who ended the relationship? We just don’t know. Ryan Phillippe’s Rep says that he left Abbie. But, wait, Abbie Cornish’s Rep says that she left Ryan. The latter probably more truer than the first.

The rumor is: Abbie broke-up with Ryan because of his cheating.

A lonely Ryan Phillippe was recently spotted at celebrity hot spot Teddy’s bar at the very famous Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

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