Michelle McGee, ‘I’m Sorry Sandra Bullock’

While First Class Fashionista Sandra Bullock was in Georgia for the filming of “The Blind Side”, Michelle Bombshell McGee supposedly said that she and Jesse James were having sex in the garage at least once a week for 11 weeks. If that wasn’t enough, Michelle Bombshell McGee, a.k.a. “Big Boobs and Tattoos”, also claimed she had been having an affair with Jesse James for the past 11 months before Jesse James’ cheating scandal broke.

Now Michelle McGee has apologized to First Class Fashionista Sandra Bullock.

“I do feel guilty. I feel bad. I feel like I was duped just as much as Sandra was. I felt like I was lied to. If Jesse James was upfront with me in the beginning, we wouldn’t be in this situation. She must be hurt, devastated, upset, embarrassed. I want to give her a heartfelt apology and I’m sorry,” says Michelle McGee.

Michelle McGee says she didn’t know Jesse James was married. Do you believe her?

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