Beyonce Workout and Diet: Beach Body Workout & Diet

Beyonce’s Beach Body Workout & Diet

Looking to get beach body ready? Try Beyonce’s diet and favorite workout routine and get your beach body fast.

Beyonce diet: The Beyonce diet plan includes six small meals a day. Beyonce’s diet secret is healthy snacks, like- nuts, fruits and vegetables.

Beyonce Workout: The Beyonce workout is dancing. “I do a lot of dancing, which I think is the best,” says Beyonce.

Tip: If you like to dance, you can dance socially and dance at least 5 days a week in your living room to your favorite workout dvd.

What do you think of Beyonce’s workout and diet plan to get beach ready?

*consult your doctor before trying a new diet and exercise plan.

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beyonce in a bikini

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