“Flavor of Love 3” Season Finale Winner Photo

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Flavor of Love 3

Okay, the truth is that I haven’t been faithfully watching this season’s “Flavor of Love 3.” However, I’ve been kept up to date via word of mouth and snippets here and there. So on Tuesday, I curiously sat down to watch what “Flavor Flav” says is the “final” season finale. I swear I bet money that “Thing 2” would win! Although “Thing 2” is too young for “Flavor Flav,” if the connection is real, they are a pretty good match for each other. *Update: On the “Flavor of Love Season 3 Reunion” Flavor Flav revealed to disappointed fans that he has plans to marry his new baby’s mama (Side note: Flav’s fiance looks way too young, but the baby is very cute!). Sooo…unfortunately there wasn’t a real “love” connection between Flavor Flav and “Thing 2” and there won’t be another season of “Flavor of Love.” Tell our visitors what you think. Leave a comment. *Watch Flav on “Under One Roof.”

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