Paris Hilton Sighting at NIA Narita, Chiba, Japan Photos

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Please welcome my very first blog covering the topic of Paris Hilton! Paris Hilton, I am please to introduce you to FirstClassFashionista’s online celebrity lifestyle and entertainment gossip journal/blog. Okay, I almost swore that Paris Hilton would not be featured on the site of FirstClassFashionista, but appearently I’ve sold out! Unfortunately, I had easy access to these pictures…So I wanted to see just how many visitors Paris Hilton could attract. As we all know, Paris Hilton is one of the most top googled celebrities! I urge FirstClassFashionista visitors to become involed in this experiment. Do play your part in this experiment and bookmark this post, share the link, and return for an update to see just how many visitors our real life “All American Barbie” summoned to our beloved FirstClasFashionista’s Homepage
Yours truly, Mrs Lillian * Peace Out!!!

paris hilton
Paris Hilton Sightings

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