Miley vs. Taylor: The Miley Cyrus Taylor Momsen Fued

The Miley Cyrus Taylor Momsen Fued

Looks like Hannah Montana’s Miley Cyrus and Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen are soon to be in an all out war. Miley was a fan of Taylor’s until Taylor used some choice words to describe Miley’s musical career. According to reports, the feud began when Taylor Momsen made her distaste known for Miley Cyrus calling Miley “Disney bubblegum (expletive)”.

Reps for Miley Cyrus say that the reason for the “Miley Cyrus Taylor Momsen fued” is pure jealousy, saying that Taylor Momsen knows Miley Cyrus has talent and Taylor sees her as a threat. Another source says that Taylor Momsen is just desperate for fame saying, “All she does is parade around in her underwear.”

Maybe Miley Cyrus’ reps shouldn’t be so hypocritical; considering that both stars have one thing in common, they both act a bit raunchy for their age.

Miley Cyrus Taylor Momsen Together

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