Living Lohan’s Jeremy, Dina, Ali and Lindsay Scandal

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Have you been watching “Living Lohan?” The issue in Living Lohan “Mommy Will Fix It” and “Burning Down The House,” so far has been that Jeremy, Ali’s producer/song writer, has lead the press to believe that he is dating Lindsey which really has turned out to be some sort of publicity stunt; “Now they know who I am,” says Jeremy. “That’s okay we want your music…so we are using you too,” says Dina. In my opinion, however, Jeremy spends too much alone time with fourteen year old Ali. Seriously, why is the Lohan family comfortable with Jeremy visiting Ali in her bedroom…? When confronted by Ali with the tabloid scandal, Jeremy made himself comfortable on Ali’s bed, while Ali remained standing- I find this scene totally inappropriate. A fourteen year old (boy or girl) should not be allowed to have any visitors of the opposite sex in their room. My opinion as a viewer, is that the relationship with Jeremy and the Lohan family definitely appears to be a bit more than a “working” relationship. He seems to have become a part of the family…Maybe like a brother to Ali? Jeremy even babysits on occassion. What up with that? Jeremy a producer/babysitter for Ali and her younger brother? Well, I’ll have to tune in weekly to begin to understand the relationship between Dina, Ali and Jeremy. Ali says that you’ll never know how a story will be twisted. Hmm…Dina seems to be very smart! So I’m wondering is this the Lohan’s turn to manipulate the press? Tell our visitors what you think. Leave a comment.

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