Taylor Momsen vs. Rihanna: Taylor Trashes Rihanna

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Taylor Momsen Admits Her Trashy Style is “High-Class Hooker”, But Taylor Trashes Rihanna!

Looks like Taylor Momsen has made a fool out of herself once again. This time instead of firing on Miley Cyrus, or priests, she is aiming at Rihanna. In a recent interview, Taylor Momsen discussed her views on rock and said she considers her personal trashy style to be “high-class hooker”. Taylor Momsen went on to explain that in her opinion, people are getting confused about what is rock these days and the lines between pop and rock are getting blurred. And, unbelievably, Taylor reportedly went on to insult Rihanna’s style saying, “Now Rihanna’s wearing f*****g leather jackets, it’s really annoying.”

Oh, its OK for Taylor Momsen to experiment with her style, but not Rihanna? Taylor’s parents must be so proud!

taylor momsen style

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