So You Think You Can Dance

In tonight’s episode the top 16 dancers performed, 8 couples.

First to perform was Kherington and Twitch. There style for tonight was hip hop, they danced to “Don’t Touch Me” by Busta Rhymes. There dance was so fantastic that all of the judges did not have anything negative that they could say about them. Nigel Lythgoe said, “You both are brilliant dancers, you both have a spirit and an energy that goes beyond dancing…”

Second to perform was Courtney and Gev.There style for tonight was rumba, they danced to “Wishing on a Star” by Rose Royce. Dan Karaty said, “I loved it, you guys were fantastic. I really thought it was awesome.”

Third to perform was Comfort and Chris. There style for tonight was jazz, they danced to “Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson. Mary Murphy said, “It should have been more animalistic, more wild, just crazy up there! But it just fell short for me.”

Fourth to perform was Jessica and Will. There style for tonight was disco, they danced to “Heaven Must Have Sent You” by Bonnie Pointer. Dan Karaty said, “I thought that the routine was really fantastic…You had really challenging material…You are so so great!”

Fifth to perform was Kourtni and Matt.There style for tonight was contemporary, they danced to “Wrestlers” by Hot Chip. Nigel Lythgoe said, “You showed every bit of technic that you’ve got there, which is fantastic. Well done.”

Sixth to perform was Chelsea and Thayne. There style for tonight was quick step, they danced to “You Can’t Hurry Love” by Phil Collins. Mary Murphy said, “This is really was a difficult dance. It was ok, which is good for this difficult dance.”

Seventh to perform was Chelsie and Mark. There style for tonight was hip hop, they danced to “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis. Dan Karaty said, “They gave you the steps but you guys put life in to it.”

Last to perform was Katee and Joshua. There style for tonight was samba, they danced to “Baila, Baila ” by Angela Via. Nigel Lythgoe said, “You two have so much natural chemistry. I think tonight there were 4 couples that did absolutely outstanding and this was one of them.”

They did not say who had to go home. This post will be updated tomorrow morning. Which guy and girl do you think will be leaving? Leave a comment. Tell us what you think.

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