Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search For Elle Woods- Episode 3

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On this episode of “Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search For Elle Woods” the remaining ladies had to sing while riding on the stationary bike. The winner of the challenge went to get a mani and a pedi at Dashing Divas with Orfeh. Seth Rudetsky said, “Lauren your voice was phenomenal!” and Lauren was the winner of the challenge. Lauren got to choose one other girl to go with her and she chose Cassie S.
There next audition they will have to perform “Oh My God You Guys!”
First To perform as Elle Woods was Autumn.
-The Judges said that her performace was a hit!

Second was Rhiannon.
-The judges said that she was a “joyologist”

Third was Emma.
-The judges said that she was vocally so much stronger.

Fourth was Bailey.
-The judges said that it was a little bit of princess barbie house.

Fifth was Natalie.
-The judges said that every time she wasn’t playing Elle it was great.

Sixth was Cassie.
-The judges said that she was really working to be less shrill and explore another quality.

Seventh was Lindsey.
-The judges said that she did not hit it out of the park.

Eight was Lauren.
-The judges said her Elle was “hunched over”.

Nineth was Celina.
-The judges said that it did not feel sincere. As if she did not want to be there.

The bottom four ladies were Emma, Lauren, Lindsey and Celina. Do you think the right four ladies went to panel? To go home was Lindsey. Do you think the right girl went home? Leave a comment. Tell us what you think.

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