America’s Best Dance Crew- Episode 2

In this episode of ABDC the groups had to re-create a music video that had a big dance component.

Safe Crews:
Super Crew
Fanny Pak
Phresh Select
Supreme Soul
So Real Cru

Bottom 3:
Sass x7
Extreme Dance Force
Boogie Bots
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First to perform was Super Crew, they re-created “Run-it” by Chris Brown. JC Chasez said, “You guys have a flair for the theatrical, definitely you guys are entertaining, your putting pictures together, there great. The athleticism is there 1000% and I really, really like you guys, ‘cuz I like where you’re from. My only fear is we saw a lot of tricks, I enjoyed the theater, because its expressive. But there wasn’t a lot of choreography. There were more tricks and there was more kind of clowning around and talking to the audience, but this is a dance show so next week, I’m going to need to see a little bit more dancing.”

Second to perform was Fanny Pak, the re-created “Wind it up” by Gwen Stefani. Shane Sparks said, “Totally what I expected out of you. You are the type of group that I don’t care what anybody gives you and you will turn it in to something that makes it “Fanny Pak”. You know what I mean? You did a win mill that was supposed to be a flair. It was kinda wack. But, it was good though, you tried though. I give credit for it, you tried. The flips, the choreography, you guys looked just like the video. Like everything is good and I give you props for just being you. Good job.”

Third to perform was Supreme Soul, they re-created “Touch” by Omarion. Lil’ Mama said, “First of all that jacket is fire. When ya’ll first started your performance there was a lot of lolli-gaggin’ going on just to get up in the begging. But when you started getting in to the moves of this package, it was crazy! And then when you got in to your own personal style it was crazy again. You have to learn how to swerve it in, not matter what task you’re given, you just got to swerve it in. Like when Cool Raul came out, and he did the B-Boy and started getting in to the zone, that’s what I’m talking about. Y’all crazy for sure! No doubt about it.

Fourth to perform was Phresh Select, they re-created “Gimme That” by Chris Brown. JC Chasez said, “I like you guys, I’m just worried about the very begging. I think the very begging was trying to be a story but, I don’t know if it translated exactly right. Then when you guys got in to the dancing then you guys started to shine. I want to go to a slo-mo right now, this is your “scare crow” walk, this was your challenge and I think you guys executed this well. The big man’s in the front, hey! The other I thought was interesting was the lean-back when you guys caught him with your suit jackets. I thought that was very, very creative. Overall the begging was a little rough but then you guys caught it in the middle.”

Fifth to perform was A.S.I.I.D., the re-created “Like a Boy” by Ciara. Shane Sparks said, “You got an advantage ‘cuz you guys got a song from choreographer, RoRo and Jamaica, and you can’t go wrong when you do their moves. Ya’ll ripped it and on the lay back when you were floating like that I though you were Ciara for a minute. I was like dang! Your intro was hot, your exit was hot. Everything in the middle you did it perfectly. Tonight, I think is the best episode ever, everybody is just representing.
The last safe crew to perform was So Real Cru, they re-created “Love in this Club” by Usher. Lil’ Mama said, “I definitely feel that you need to rehearse different types of swag. Because, your opening was great, but, that’s what you are used to, wavy fingers, I don’t know what to call it. It was cute. Then you guys went in to the bounce. It was off and then you guys kind of caught it. It was kind of fast and then it was slow. You have to learn how to bounce in and out of music. When Brian was doing the wind mill. This is why you guys are so great, when you can one person doing this while the rest of the group is keeping the audience entertained. Just make sure you guys put the extra stab in the heart of the chicken. You feel me?”

The first crew in the bottom two is Sass x7, they are up for elimination. The crew that has a guaranteed spot in next weeks show is Extreme Dance Force, that means that, Boogie Bots will have to face Sass x7.

Extreme Dance Force was up next to perform, they will have to re-create “Let Me Love You” by Mario. JC Chasez said, “I think they stepped to the video. Like they were very literal to this video. As I watch the video and I watch them it looks like they took the time to learn every step and to really calculate what Mario was doing. I liked the wheel barrow flip, it was fun, it was nice.”

Up for elimination, next to perform was Boogie Bots, they re-created “Bump, Bump, Bump” by B2K feat. P. Diddy.

Going head to head, then it was Sass x7, they re-created “Slave For You” by Britney Spears.

At the end, Sass x7 was sent home.

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