Miley Cyrus Seen Partying with Ashley Green In Paris

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Miley Cyrus and Ashley Green Partying at the VIP room in Paris

Miley Cyrus has become a controversial subject these days, between her risque outfits and her older boyfriends. Everyone seems to be thinking, is Miley Cyrus acting too old for her age? Recently, Miley Cyrus was seen partying at the VIP room with Ashley Greene in the city of love, Paris. A source says, the two danced the night away but Miley didn’t get too crazy.

The Twilight actress and Hannah Montana starlet are starring in a new movie called LOL, where Miley plays a teenager living in the world of technology and trying to find love.

Many people might be wondering if it’s legal to be clubbing at 17, but the drinking age in Paris is 16- So, yes, Miley can party in Paris. Her partying co-star, Ashley Greene, is 23.

Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene at the Club

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