Justin Bieber Admits to Trying To Stay Single

I have bad news for all you ladies out there suffering from Bieber Fever, Justin Bieber has announced that he is trying to stay single for now. In the same breath, however, Justin Bieber does admit that he is looking for the right girl, but is single at the moment. In a recent interview, Justin Bieber talked about who his perfect girl would be describing her as “funny-who can make me laugh, and someone who has nice eyes, and a nice smile”. Even more important than that, Justin Bieber’s perfect girl has to pass the mom test. Justin also revealed that his mom didn’t want him dating, but that “it kinda didn’t work,” and saying he definitely wants the bring-home-to-mom type of girl.

Dress Like Justin Bieber: To get Justin Bieber’s look, add a striped zip-up hoodie to your black tee and black jeans, accessorize with a ball chain and you’ve mastered the look.

Dress Like Justin Bieber

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