“Taylor Momsen is a Bratty Little Diva”, Says Tim Gunn

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Taylor Momsen Attitude: Taylor Momsen Gets Put In Her Place By Tim Gunn

Looks like Taylor Momsen is not doing the dissing this time, instead the person doing the dissing is Tim Gunn from Project Runway. The Project Runway host recently guest starred on an episode of the fourth season of Gossip Girl, and has since concluded that Taylor Momsen is “a bratty little diva”. He called Taylor “sad and pathetic”, because she couldn’t remember any of her lines.

Taylor Momsen’s main problem, according to Tim Gunn, is her constant cell phone use. Tim says if Taylor would get off her phone, she might actually be able to retain the stuff. Word is, not only was Taylor Momsen annoying Tim Gunn, but also the entire crew. As for the rest of the crew, Tim Gunn said they were “a delight” to work with. For once someone is standing up to Taylor Momsen, considering all the trash she talks.

Tim Gunn

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