Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin Break-Up Gossip

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Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin Break-Up

Looks like Kim Kardashian and Dallas Cowboys football player, Miles Austin, are calling it quits and breaking up forever. According to a source, the break-up was mutual and happened the day before Kim Kardashian left for Europe on a promotional trip. Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin decided that their busy schedules were too hectic, and that they spent too much time apart. Other than the distance, the couple had no problems but decided that was a big enough reason to end their long-distance relationship. Kim Kardashian’s friends and family have encouraged Kim to focus on dating more conventional guys; guys she would be able to see herself with in the future, someone good for the long haul- which in their opinion aren’t professional athletes.

Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin

Kim Kardashian and Miles Austin

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