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Comedian Arnez J

Arnez J

Arnez J

I’ve been a fan of Arnez J and his comedy for a long time, but like the DeRay Davis appearance, I had never seen him live. So, first, I’d like to thank the Denver Improv for an outstanding lineup for the year and the comedians who brave the unknown to do their stand-up in our small, but welcoming venue in Denver, Colorado. And a special thanks to Arnez J for his Denver Improv appearance on Friday night, October 1, 2010!

Arnez J, who I’m calling the phantom comic, and you’ll know why in a minute, is hilarious; but, watch out because Arnez J’s “Special Ed” comedy just might make you blush because he is so crazy funny and “special” too. “Oh yeah, it’s gone hurt,” jokes Arnez J. So here’s a warning- Watch the eyes, watch the legs, because Arnez J’s comedy is comedy brilliantly made physical. Arnez acts out almost everything, moving in such a way that is just hilarious!

So why do I call Arnez J the phantom comic? Well, I always do a bit of research before I begin to write; you know, just to fill in a few facts. Now, like I mentioned, I’ve always been a fan of Arnez J and his comedy but I realized as I sat down to write that I didn’t know anything about Arnez J’s personal bio. Yes, Arnez J says his comedy is “truth comedy, just cartoonish” and he did joke about being from Denver, which peaked my interest. But, in comedy, as we all know, lies and truths all become a blur, so I went looking for a few truths.

I began my search for a few truths/facts and Googled “Arnez J birthday” and “where was Arnez J born”, nothing. Interesting, right? I thought so too. Then I came across a video clip of Arnez J and during the opening of his act he said he was from Atlanta. I thought- Whaaat! Is this part of his act too? So, next, I started looking for articles written about Arnez and I finally found an extensive article on here, which seem to clear up a lot of the confusion.

What I eventually found out is that Arnez J was a military brat, and he did go to high school here in Colorado- And, he is probably from Atlanta or living in Atlanta now. But I still don’t know how old Arnez is or where he was born. Tell me, is Arnez J’s real name Arnez Johnson? You won’t find Arnez J’s real last name stated as a fact anywhere on the internet, not even IMDB.

More interestingly, however, is that Arnez J reportedly admitted that he was convicted of a crime that resulted in someone getting hurt and was subsequently sent to prison for a year, which sort of explains his jokes about being in jail (remember, lies and truths are blurred). Anyway, I think someone out there does know Arnez’s real name, birth date and place of birth because he jokes about being a flight attended before becoming a comic.

And that’s my story of the phantom comic- “the improvisational, over exaggerating impressionists,” Arnez J. Arnez is currently working on a project with Showtime.

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