Voice of Dora the Explorer Suing Nickelodeon!?

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Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer

Looks like Dora the Explorer isn’t always as happy as she seems, well at least not the voice behind the famous, Spanish speaking character. It looks like Caitlin Sanchez, who has been the voice of Dora for the past 3 years, is suing Nickelodeon for a breach of contract, and not being paid for merchandise and other related promotions. Word is, Caitlin Sanchez’s family was hoping to settle the dispute without suing, but was forced to do so after believing that Nickelodeon was not acting in good faith. According to the suit, supposedly Caitlin Sanchez was being paid $5,115 US dollars per episode but was allegedly left unpaid for hours of promotional work, interviews, and airing. Interestingly, which is said to be included in the calim, is that Caitlin Sanchez might have also been completely cut out of the Dora the Explorer merchandising profits.

According to a source, a spokesman for Nickelodeon and MTV networks say that
Caitlin Sanchez and her family were “well-compensated”, and that the network has even offered her more work now that her voice has changed and she will no longer be playing Dora. Dora the Explorer marks it’s 10th year on Nickelodeon TV this season, which is quite an accomplishment for Nickelodeon.

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