Bristol Palin Says She’s Not Losing Weight On DWTS

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Usually when celebrities join Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) and go through grueling workouts daily they start to slim down, but not Bristol Palin. In a recent interview, Bristol Palin said “I haven’t really noticed a change in my body. I think most people lose weight on the show because they’re too stressed out to eat. I haven’t had that problem!” The only thing Bristoll Palin has noticed is that her legs are much more toned than they use to be. The young mom claims that she never weighs herself, and rarely notices changes in her body. Interestingly, although Bristol Palin may not be feeling the burn, co-star Audrina Patridge says she is “in the best shape of her life”. Audrina Patridge laments that she will be sad when DWTS ends.

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel for Palin after all, we’ll see as the season progresses.

Bristol Palin on DWTS

Bristol Palin on DWTS

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