Joseph Gordon-Levitt Mourning Brother’s Death

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36-year-old Dan Gordon-Levitt Found Dead

Joseph and Dan Gordon Levitt

Joseph and Dan Gordon Levitt

500 Days of Summer star, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, went on Twitter this past Tuesday to announce the passing of his older brother, Dan Gordon-Levitt. “My brother is ‘my super hero’ and he embodied something that most people don’t have, a creative and free spirit,” tweeted Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Those who knew and loved Dan Gordon-Levitt are also mourning the passing of a great teacher, a member of the Flow Temple Arts School staff in Venice Beach, California.

36-year old Dan Gordon-Levitt was found dead in his Hollywood home early Monday morning. The cause of death is unknown, and an autopsy is pending. Whatever the case may be our thoughts and wishes go out to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and his family.

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