Queen Bees Episode 1

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Queen Bees

In this brand new series “mean girls” are challenged to change their ways for a shot at $25,000, seven self-proclaimed divas have to face the consequences for their bratty behavior. “Queen Bees” is hosted by “America’s Next Top Model’s” Yoanna House and “The Tyra Banks Show’s” Dr. Michelle.
The seven girls:
Stassi, Brittany, Gisbelle, Michelle, Shavon, Camille, and Kiana.
In tonights episode this is the first time the girls are meeting. They think they are competing to be the biggest divas in the house but they soon find that they have to change. There first challenge was a Queen Bees Beauty Pageant. But, the judges didn’t care what the girls looked like because all three of the judges are blind, so they have to rely on their personality. The two finalists were Brittany and Stassi. The winner was Stassi. During the first progress report Dr. Michelle evaluated them on their growth and change.
Camille- 2 stars
Gisbelle- 1 star
Michelle- 1 star
Stassi- 1 star
Kiana- 0 stars *
Shavon- 2 stars
*= if this girl doesn’t progress by the next progress report they will be eliminated.
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