Kiss’ Gene Simmons-Tongue, Hair, Makeup- T.V. Show & Book Signing Tour

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Kiss' Gene Simmons, Hair, Book
Gene Simmons’ at his “Ladies of the Night” book signing at at Borders Books in Westwood, Ca on July 8, 2008

Kiss’ Gene Simmons-Tongue, Hair, Makeup- T.V. Show & Book Signing Tour

kiss' gene simmons' tongue, hair, makeup

I was surprised to hear that Gene Simmons has released his new book “Ladies of the Night” which was featured on his reality television show, “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels.” Well, I’ve been watching “Gene Simmons’ Family Jewels,” periodically for about the past two and a half years. I find Gene and his family to be very entertaining. Last season, Gene began to write his new book entitled “Ladies of the Night.” During the filming of the show Gene explained to his wife, as well as to the television audience, that he needed to conduct what he called “research” for his book. To make a long story short, “conducting” research landed him in jail for suspected solicitation on a Las Vegas street corner. Gene tried to explained that he was writing a book called the “Ladies of the Night.” However, the officers seemed to be unimpressed by his story and Gene was given a free ride to the local police station. It was hard to believe that the Las Vegas authorities didn’t find Gene Simmons story to be credible. In fact, Gene tried to show the police his notes for his book. What do you think? Was Gene’s ride to the police station scripted? What do you think of “Gene Simmons Family Jewels”? Tell our visitors what you think. Leave a comment.
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