Paris Hilton Sharing Boyfriend With Another Girl!

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CY Waits’ Other Girl!

Looks like Paris Hilton isn’t the only girl in boyfriend Cy Waits’ life. Apparently, as we understand it, Cy Waits is supposedly spending time with another beautiful girl, every weekend, in Las Vegas. Who is this supposed other girl you might ask? None other than Waits’ 7 year old daughter, Shae. According to a source, Paris Hilton is really liking the idea of Cy having a daughter.

“One of the things I love about Cy is what an amazing father he is. I’ve become really close with his daughter”, says Paris Hilton.

The Paris Hilt and Shae often spends quality time together by going to the pet store and getting their hair and nails done together. People close to Cy say, “Cy is thrilled with how much Shae loves Paris. He is very close with his daughter and it means the world to him that Paris is so amazing with her”.

We heard that being around little Shae has gotten Paris to thinking about how she would love to be a mother one day.

Paris Hilton and CY Waits

Paris Hilton and CY Waits

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