T.I. Stops Man from Jumping

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T.I. Stops Suicide Attempt in Atlanta, Georgia

Looks like T.I. saved the day, and a life. An Atlanta, Georgia man who was threatening to jump off of a 22 story building was willingly escorted out of the building after learning that he would be able to speak to T.I. for a few minutes. So just how did the bad boy rapper save the day?

Apparently T.I. heard about the man on the radio and drove over to encourage the man not to end his life. Apparently T.I. shot a video message saying “Nothing is that bad. Believe me, I know”, which the police showed to the man who promptly got off the ledge and came down from the building. After coming down from the building, the man had a quick meet and greet with Rapper T.I. and then he was transferred to a nearby hospital. Local police were happy that Rapper T.I. helped saying, “He didn’t have to stop, he could have kept going on about his business. We’re happy it ended the way it did and we thank him”. When interviewed, Rapper T.I. refused to take credit for his heroism saying, “I didn’t do it…I could’ve just as well came down there and it could have been resolved in another way. The fact of the matter is that God put me in a position to help, and I can’t take any credit for that”.

We should all give T.I. a round of applause for saving a man’s life. T.I. might be going back to jail for his recent bust in Vegas.

Clifford TI Harris Jr

Clifford TI Harris Jr.

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