Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood Domestic Violence Investigation Update

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Amber Portwood Faces Domestic Violence Investigation After Hitting Gary on Teen Mom

Amber Portwood, one of the stars of Teen Mom has recently come under fire after MTV aired an episode where footage was shown of Amber hitting and punching the father of her child, Gary Shirley, in front of the couple’s 2 year old child, Leah. The airing of the footage led to a massive uproar about how Amber’s behavior had crossed the line. Even though the incident took place over six months ago, supposedly the Indiana Anderson Police and Child Protective Services are investigating the footage. Reportedly, the police are hoping to talk to either Gary or Amber soon, so they can launch a formal investigation. Besides facing a misdemeanor charge of battery and assault, Amber Portwood is said to be in serious trouble because it is a felony to engage in domestic violence in front of a child under the age of 14 in the state of Indiana.

On the reunion show, which premiered right after the season finale, Amber Portwood claimed that she blacked out during the incident and only remembered punching Gary Shirley once. Whatever the excuse may be theTeen Mom star is in a lot of hot water and will face consequences for it.

Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood and Daughter Leah

Teen Mom Star Amber Portwood and Daughter Leah

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