Charlie Sheen Found Passed Out and Naked In a Trashed Hotel Room

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Charlie Sheen in Trouble Again?

Looks like Charlie Sheen got himself in trouble again, this time the star had the NYPD called on him. When they arrived they found Charlie Sheen passed out and naked in a trashed hotel room. Reportedly, Sheen will face charges for trashing his hotel room at New York’s venerable Plaza Hotel. Besides being charged, Charlie Sheen is allegedly in violation of his three-month probation order, which stated that Sheen must not use drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs, or break the law for the next 3 months. The good news is for Charlie Sheen is that he only has eight days left on the order that is said to end on November 8th.

Sheen’s rep says that medication was to blame for the horrible meltdown. A concerned Denise Richards accompanied Charlie Sheen to the hospital where he was later released and went back home to L.A.

A source says Charlie was in New York to spend time with his daughters and ex-wife Denise Richards.

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen

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