Kara Dioguardi’s New Job on Bravo TV

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Ex-American Idol Judge Kara Dioguardi Lands a New Job on Bravo

Looks like unemployment didn’t last long for ex-American Idol judge, Kara Dioguardi, who was booted after two seasons. The ex-judge has moved on to a better show, one that will appreciate her true passion, songwriting and producing. 

A source reports, Kara Dioguardi just signed a contract with Bravo to be the head judge and to break down songs on the network’s new songwriting competition show. The new show, Going Platnium, will follow 12 unknown lyricists and have them go head-to-head in songwriting competitions.

The show is said to include every genre of music and the winner will receive a grand prize of 100,000 dollars and a deal with a record label. Country star Jewel is also set to join Kara Dioguardi on this promising new show, which is set to air 10 episodes in 2011.

Kara Dioguardi

Kara Dioguardi

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