Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s Weird Indian Wedding Gift

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Looks like not everyone knows what to give as a wedding gift. A week after Katy Perry and Russell Brand swapped vows they were bestowed with a very, seemingly, strange gift by PETA India and Animal Rahat. What exactly were the newlyweds, Katy and Russell, given? None other than a bull who has been named Russell too. This seemingly strange gift of a bull from PETA India is apparently a traditional present in India and is said to represent the transformation into a different lifestyle.

Poorva Jospipura of PETA India said, “The gift of a namesake is also fitting because just as Russell Brand embarks on his new life as a married man, Russell the bullock has also been given a new lease on life–the heavy loads he once pulled have been lifted from his shoulders for good”. Word is, PETA India has yet to hear from Russell Brand, a longtime animal rights activist and supporter, and his new wife, Katy Perry.

Well, anyway, this gift of a bull doesn’t seem so strange at all after reports came out that Katy Perry gave groom Russel Brand an elephant and he supposedly gifted her with a Bengal tiger in return.

* Note this story is for entertainment purposes only and is not meant to be offensive or culturally insensitive.

Indian Bull

Not the True Russell the Bull

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