Lil Wayne Freed From Prison and Homecoming Party Pics!

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I just wanna thank everybody. Not only MTV fans, but the fans across the whole world. Most of all, my family. I couldn’t do it without them and I would never do it without them, Lil Wayne tells MTV.

After fans spent months campaigning for Lil Wayne by wearing Free Weezy shirts and going on Twitter to tweet the hashtag, #freeweezy, to try to get the rapper released from jail, their wishes have finally come true. Lil Wayne, whose real names is Dwayne Micheal Carter Jr., was released Thursday from Riker’s Island in New York after serving nearly 8 months of his one year sentence.

Following his arrest back in July of 2007, Lil Wayne was sentenced to a year in prison after he plead not guilty to a gun possession charge. He later pleaded guilty in order to get a reduced sentence but, with good behavior, we are happy to report that Lil Wayne has been released early. In celebration of his freedom, Cash Money Records hosted a Lil Wayne “Welcome Home, Tunechi” homecoming party last Sunday at the King of Diamonds club in Miami, Florida.

After an eventful weekend, Lil Wayne is back- And not just to party! Word is, even though he was behind bars, Lil Wayne worked on new music so he could be back on stage right after he was released. Lil Wayne even made a guest appearance at Drake’s concert in Las Vegas last Saturday. Mack Maine, president of Lil Wayne’s record company, says they plan to “treat him like a king, like the royalty that he is, and make him feel like we really missed him and welcome him back to the family, basically”.

Note: “Tunechi” is a name derived from a nickname given to Lil Wayne by his grandmother. “My nickname is ‘Lil Tune’, my grandmother named me that. She’s passed. My grandmother, her name was Mercedes Carter. She named me ‘Lil Tune’ and we just threw in the ‘Chi’ on there, like Gucci,” Lil Wayne explains to MTV.

Click to view larger images of Lil Wayne’s “Welcome Home, Tunechi” homecoming party at King of Diamonds, Miami, Fl.

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