On The Ellen Show: Mario Lopez Tells Ellen He Wants More Kids

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Only eight weeks after Saved by the Bell and current Extra host Mario Lopez and girlfriend Courtney Mazza welcomed their daughter, Gia Francesca, into the world, Mario Lopez is announcing on national television that he wants more kids, and he wants them now. He told Ellen in a recent interview, “I definitely want more kids. I’d love three or four, to be honest”. The only problem is that Mario Lopez and girlfriend Courtney Mazza don’t seem to agree. As expected (and we don’t blame her), Courtney doesn’t want another baby right away, saying “Like, one at a time, I’m cool with that”.

Mario Lopez tells Ellen that his girlfriend definitely wants more kids, but he doesn’t want to wait and he wants them right away, and that’s where he believes they have their differences. Mario believes that siblings are best when their close in age. “I was raised close in age with my siblings. When there is too much of a gap…I don’t know, I just think it would be cooler”. When asked by Ellen if he plans to propose to his girlfriend of two years, Mario said: “If she’ll have me. The jury is still out as to whether she wants to keep me. She is, at least, stuck with me…because of the baby”.

The episode of Ellen featuring Mario Lopez, and Courtney Mazzo aired Friday. Mario Lopez is just too cute! Are you watching his new reality show called Saved by the Baby? Check your local listings for dates and times.

Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazzo

Mario Lopez and Courtney Mazzo

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