David Beckham Launches His Own Underwear Line

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David Beckham’s Own Underwear Line

Looks like David Beckham is about to get a whole lot hotter, and we mean H-O-T + an extra “T”- but Mr. Sexy does belong to Mrs. Victoria Beckham! A source says David Beckham, a world-renowned soccer player/ stud and male supermodel, is planning on releasing his own line of men’s underwear. That’s right! David Beckham is taking off the Armani underwear to put on his very own briefs and boxers. Now, how sexy is that?

While starting his own underwear line might seem just a bit far off to some of his spectators, David Beckham’s manager, Simon Fuller, and others say thatĀ it’s the right way to go, and a more than promising endeavor. In a released statement, a source says: “It makes sense. He was so big for the Armani campaign and why wouldn’t he want to do his own collection?” The source also added, “He has seen how fulfilling it has been for wife Victoria Beckham to branch out and relishes a similar challenge”.

We have learned that David Beckham planned to start his own underwear line after deciding not to renew his contract with Armani. And if launching his own underwear line isn’t enough, David Beckham is evenĀ planning to make a line of men’s beauty/grooming products to accompany those sexy undergarments.

David Beckham Underwear Line

David Beckham New Underwear Line

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