Jessica Simpson Isn’t Jealous of Nick, She’s Moving On!

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Jessica Simpson Says Her Engagement to Eric Johnson Has Nothing to Do with Ex-Husband Nick Lachey and New Fiancee Vanessa Minnillo

Not even a week after ex-husband Nick Lachey and his fiancee Vanessa Minnillo got engaged, Jessica Simpson has some new news of her own to share. Yes, Jessica Simpson and her pro footballer, Eric Johnson, are now engaged. In a released statement, Jessica Simpson’s rep has confirmed the news, saying “Yes, we are excited to confirm that they are engaged”.

We’re excited because it has really been quite a whirlwind romance for Jessica Simpson and Nick Lache, who met back in May, while Johnson was still separated from his wife Keri Johnson. Ironically, it might seem as though Jessica is trying to steal the spotlight from her ex-husband, but the way we see it, that isn’t the case.

Jessica Simpson recently dropped in on Ryan Seacrest’s radio talk show and stated live, over the air- “I am extremely, extremely happy for him. Our relationship was over a really long time ago and it would be nice if everyone could move on with us and really just celebrate the love between him and Vanessa. I do, and wish them nothing but the best”.

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson and Fiance Eric Johnson

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