Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez Put Off Wedding

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It’s not what it looks like, or could it be? Most made for TV romances don’t last, but the news is Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez are not breaking up. We’ve heard they are just putting their wedding plans on hold, for now. After ABC’s The Bachelorette ended, Ali and Roberto had to go back to reality and have now decided that they really need to focus on their careers and build up their status on the job first, before they take the leap to tie the knot. In a released statement, Ali Fedotowsky says that this is the only reason for the hold on their wedding plans.

“He’s opening up his insurance agency and I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do long-term, because yeah, I work at Fox, but I only work there sometimes, one day a week. So right now, I’m trying to figure out my own path and until we have a stable foundation, we don’t really want to rush into that”. says Ali Fedotowsky.

For now, the Bachelorette couple is in no rush to get married and is very happy just dating, saying “We feel like we want to have the courtship period. As soon as we get married, it’ll be like ‘When are you having babies?’ When we have babies, it’ll be like ‘When are you gonna have another one?’ So we just want to enjoy every moment”. So don’t fret folks your favorite reality show couple are still together and still planning on tying the knot, just not right now.

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez

Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez

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