Michael Phelps is Dating A New Lady!? The Details

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Michael Phelps’ New Lady!

Looks likeĀ 14 time Gold Medalist Michael Phelps has got a new lovely lady on his arm! Who is this mysterious woman he’s been seen with recently? None other than reality tv star and jewelry designer Brittny Gastineau. Michael and Brittny have been on our celebrity couples watch, and they were recently spotted at the Mondrian Hotel in Los Angeles getting cozy, talking the night away. The next day, they were seen going shopping at Nordstorm and getting drinks.

A source says Michael Phelps and Brittny Gastineau appear to be in the early stages of their relationship, and “they’re really cute together”, explaining that the chemistry between Michael Phelps and Brittny Gastineau has a lot to do with their sports related backgrounds. While Michael is a 14 time gold medalist, Brittny’s dad is the famous ex-pro football player, Mark Gastineau. According to our source, Brittny Gastineau says Michael Phelps is a really sweet guy and they click because she understands his athletic background.

Honestly, while some insist Michael Phelps and Brittny Gastineau are in a relationship, it looks as though Brittny might just be looking to have a little fun.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps

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