What the Spurs Think About Tony Parker’s Cheating Scandal

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Tony Parker’s Teammates Angry About Tony’s Sexting Cheating Scandal

If there are those who are not too pleased with Tony Parker and his supposed sexting cheating scandal, besides his soon to be ex-wife Eva Longoria, it’s got to be his teammates on the Texas basketball team, the San Antonio Spurs. We’ve learned that after the scandal broke that Tony Parker allegedly had a sexting affair, if not more, with his teammate Brent Barry’s wife, Tony Parker’s teammates became very upset and even angry. A source says, “The core guys are super pissed about it all”.

Word is, not only is Tony Parker’s reputation being damaged, but it’s also damaging the teams’ credibility along the way. According to our source, the San Antonio Spurs has always sought to draft good players as well as good character- teammates whose chemistry becomes bonded in such away that this sort of thing would be discouraged and avoided.

As we understand it, Tony Parker had just signed a four-year agreement with the San Antonio Spurs when the news of Tony’s pending divorce and cheating scandal came out. The source added, “The Spurs staff is very upset and Pop, the Spurs head coach, Greg Popovich, would trade him if he didn’t just sign that big deal”.

As for Brent Barry, we’ve also learned he didn’t find out about his wife’s alleged cheating until a few days ago when the headlining media reports broke accusing Tony Parker of a sexting cheating affair with Erin Berry. As for now, Brent Barry has been dodging the media and trying to keep a low profile, likely to protect the kids.

Surprisingly, Tony’s Parker’s personal life didn’t seem to interfere with his job as Tony Parker the San Antonio Spurs’ player during his last game.

Tony Parker Eva and Erin Barry

Tony Parker Eva Longoria Erin and Brent Barry

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