What Lance Bass Says About N’Sync Reuniting

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Is N’Sync reuniting again after all these years apart? After New Kids On The Block and The Backstreet Boys announced that they were teaming up to do a summer 2011 tour, rumors started spreading that N’Sync would be reuniting. When asked about the possibility of getting back together, Lance Bass, former member of N’Sync, said: “I don’t see that coming anytime soon. Justin’s very busy with his acting career right now, so I think it’s going to be quite a while before we even think about doing anything”.

But Lance Bass has confirmed that he would really like to see N’Sync reunite and make a comeback. “I love being on stage, so yeah, anytime the guys would want to do an album, I’m in,” Lance Bass said in a recent interview.

Would you like to see N’Sync get back together or are they just another washed up band looking to make another dollar?

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