Ugly Betty Actor Michael Brea Charged With Mother’s Murder

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Michael Brea Charged With Mother’s Murder

Ugly Betty and Step Up 3-D actor Michael Brea needs a really good lawyer. According to reports, Michael Brea, who is receiving treatment at Bellevue Hospital, was recently charged with second degreeĀ murder for killingĀ his own mother, Yannick Brea. Allegedly, the actor killed his mom in the family’s Brooklyn apartment in Prospect Heights, mutilating her with a sword.

Michael Brea, who is said to be claiming that voices inside his head told him to do it, has been under psychiatric evaluation at Bellevue Hospital since November 23rd. From the psych ward of the hospital, 31-year-old Michael Brea told NY Daily News that the night before the murder he had a dream in which God told him his time was over on earth, so the day of his mother’s murder he visited the Prince Hall Masonic Temple where he received yet another sign. According to the NY Daily News report, Michael Brea tells a tale about a man approaching him trying to give him something, not letting him see what it was and when he saw it, it was a free mason pin. “I wouldn’t touch it,” Michael Brea tells the NY Daily News reporter. Then on his way home, Michael Brea says he heard voices that were asking him about the difference between mom and mother, and he took it as a sign.

In addition to being charged with second degree murder, according to a source, Michael Brea is also being charged with criminal possession of a weapon and is scheduled to appear in court sometime next week. Michael Brea’s family and friends are speaking out saying they are sure Michael wasn’t in his right mind.

Michael Brea

Ugly Betty and Step Up 3D Actor Michael Brea

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