Josh Duhamel Sorry After Getting Kicked Off Flight

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Josh Duhamel Sorry For Flight Disturbance

We are betting Josh Duhamel, Fergie’s hubby, was a little more than annoyed when he got escorted off of a plane last week. The actor’s rep released a statement saying that Josh Duhamel was “sorry” for causing a disturbance on a flight leaving from New York to Lexington, Kentucky on Thursday, December 2nd. The rep says that Josh Duhamel was texting someone that the flight was being delayed when Duhamel was asked to leave the plane.

A source says a flight attendant asked Josh Duhamel three times to turn off his Blackberry cell phone, but Duhmel is said to have refused and even laughed at the stewardess. Further delaying the flight, the attendant reported the incident and the plane, which was already on the runway, had to be turned around and brought back to the gate. Word is, two police officers escorted Josh Duhamel off the flight.

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel

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