Jersey Shore News: JWoww’s Ex- Boyfriend Suing Her

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It’s been a year since MTV sought for higher network ratings and premiered the first episode of Jersey Shore, reportedly compensating JWoww $17,500 per episode. Now, it looks like all that money and a relationship gone bad is coming back to bite Jenni “J-Woww” Farley in the butt. A source says J-Woww is being sued by her ex-boyfriend, Tom Lippolis, for $350,000 which he says is unpaid manager fees.┬áTurns out, boyfriend Tom Lippolis was also JWoww’s manger when they were still together. Tom Lippolis tells E! he broke it off with Jersey girl JWoww back in August after the gossip rag Radar Online sent him pictures of JWoww with another man. Tom explains that when they broke up, he sent JWoww a text message asking if she would pay him what he thought she owed him, but says JWoww just told him to f*ck off.

The way we see it, regardless of the fact that the relationship is over, Jenni “J-Woww” Farley might be forced to pay ex-boyfriend Tom Lippolis for services rendered, considering Tom says he has correspondence emails with MTV proving his entitlement. “She thinks she’s invincible. She’s going to find out real quickly that she’s not,” says Tom Lippolis.

JWoww and Tom Lippolis

JWoww and Ex Tom Lippolis

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