Alexis Neiers Back in Jail After Heroin Bust

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Alexis Neiers’ Heroin Bust

According to reports, Pretty Wild reality star Alexis Neiers, was ordered to stay in jail last week after she allegedly violated her probation by being busted with heroin and a fake id. A source says Alexis Neiers is preparing for a scheduled hearing next Thursday, which will address the infamous Orlando Bloom “Bling Ring” burglary scandal and Alexis’ probation violation charges. It looks like the decision Judge Peter Epinoza has to make is whether 19-year-old Alexis Neiers will go to jail for two years for violating her probation.

The question now is: Will Attorney Michael Nasatir’s sympathetic plea keep Judge Peter Epinoza from sending Alexis Neiers to jail for two years? “We have an opportunity to get someone who has a problem and we need to deal with that problem rather than incarcerate her,” says Michael Nasatir in a released statement.

But, word is, the D.A. on the case will strongly recommend that Alexis Neiers get locked up for the full two years, arguing “She’s shown us she has no intention of complying”. I bet Alexis Neiers regrets being wild now.

Alexis Neiers

Alexis Neiers Bling Ring

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