Kelly Osbourne Fashion News: Kelly Osbourne’s Clothing Line

Kelly Osbourne’s New Fashion Line

In a released statement, reality star and Fashion Police critic Kelly Osbourne says she is very close to signing a very promising deal in pursuit of designing her own signature fashion line. 26-year-old Kelly Osbourne says, “I’ve had an offer from an amazing clothing line that I would be so over the moon to work with them. I can’t say which one just yet, but it’s looking really good”. Kelly also talks about how she wants the Kelly Osbourne clothing line to be affordable and not be what she calls ‘untouchable’. “I don’t want it to be clothes that only rich people could buy”, Kelly said.

This is Kelly Osbourne’s second venture as a fashion designer. She launched Stiletto Killers back in 2006 with a friend, but it didn’t really take off. To her credit, however, Kelly was recently voted Woman of Style.

We are so proud of Kelly Osbourne! She has really turned her life around. Also Read: Kelly Osbourne Goes to Rehab.

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne

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