Chris Rock Helps Woman in Labor at the Garden State Plaza Mall

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Chris Rock became a holiday hero on his recent trip to the Garden State Plaza mall in Manhattan last week. Actor – Comedian Chris Rock, father of two girls, Lola and Zahara, married to Malaak Compton, came to the rescue of a pregnant woman unexpectedly going into labor at the Garden State Plaza mall while shopping at Neiman Marcus. According to a released statement, “I Think I Love My Wife” actor Chris Rock was holiday shopping at the Garden State Plaza mall when a pregnant woman’s water broke as she was stepping onto the department store’s escalator.

Chris Rock was quick to help the woman and tried to keep her mind off the pain and her emergency by cracking some appropriate jokes. To Chris Rock’s credit, we’ve heard that his skillful comedic humor not only kept the pregnant woman calm, but also a crowd of onlooker as well. A witness said “He was making the crowd and the woman in labor laugh. She recognized who he was immediately and he stayed there until the paramedics took her away”.

Chris Rock and Family

Chris Rock and Family 2009

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