Queen Bees Episode 2

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In this episode of “Queen Bees” the girls have to go to a comedy club and do stand-up comedy. Instead of making fun of other people they have to make fun of themselves. Before they go to the comedy club, one girl gets up and everyone else says things about them, nothing is off limits and nothing is to personal. First up was Camille: they said she had a body of a twelve year old, she looks like a poodle, and has very “interesting” hair. Next was Brittany, they said she talks like Pairs Hilton, dated a 40-year-old billionaire, and has fake/flamable hair. Next was Stassi: they said she thinks she can never be proven wrong, obsesed with self tanning, and she doesnt think she needs to change. Next was Michelle, they said she can’t walk in a straight line, she takes a long time to process things (except her credit card) and she has horse hair. Next was Gisbelle: they said she has hairy arms and she is always right. Next was Kiana: they said she was stuck in the ’80s, she walks like a drag queen, and looks like a big piece of the rainbow. Last was Shavon: they said she’s defensive and she thinks it’s the Shavon show.
During the progress report, Dr. Michelle evaluated them on their growth and change.
Camille-2 stars
Gisbelle-2 stars
Michelle-2 stars
Stassi-2 stars
Kiana-1 star *
Shavon-2 stars
Brittany-3 stars
*= if this girl doesn’t progress by the next progress report they will be eliminated

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