Batman Christian Bale Arrested: “The Dark Knight” A Super Hero?

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Christian Bale “Batman” Arrested and Released on Bail

Christian Bale’s Arrest

christian bale is batman
“Either you die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain”

Sources say that Christian Bale was reportedly arrested and later released on bail due to assault allegations made by his very own mother and sister occuring on or about July 20, 2008. Christian Bale stars as Batman in the summer’s box office hit “The Dark Knight.” Tell our visitors what you think. Share a comment.

Christian Bale’s Arrest Vilifies Batman of “The Dark Knight”

OMG Batman! Christian Bale of “The Dark Knight” was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mom and sister. Christian Bale may not have been the perfect fit for the role of Batman. His performance was mediocre and now his villainous reputation tarnishes his credibility as the Batman. Woman are generally against violence of any kind! So will mothers still allow their children to take photographs with this Batman?

*Update* It has come to my attention that mom and sister may have accused Christian of a verbal assault.
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