Shorty in the Tub’s Hair Catches on Fire at Dirty Money Album Release Party

Last week we shared with you the story on how Chris Rock became a holiday hero when he assisted a woman who went into labor at the Garden State Plaza mall in Manhattan. Today, however, we are sharing a not so heroic story about comedian Kevin Hart and a woman whose hair caught on fire while she was modeling for P Diddy at the album release party for the Last Train to Paris.

On Tuesday, December 14th, Kevin Hart was hosting P Diddy’s Dirty Money album release party, held at the swanky London hotel in New York, when a woman’s hair suddenly caught on fire, live on Ustream. The woman, who is now being called Shorty in the Tub, was sitting in an over-sized bathtub surrounded by lit candles when Trey Songz noticed and yelled out that her hair was on fire. Caught on tape, is a way too excited Kevin Hart not trying to help Shorty in the Tub, instead laughing he asks the camera man- “Did the camera catch that?” The fire was quickly put out, but not with the help of comedian Kevin Hart.

In a later interview, Shorty in the Tub said she heard crackling, but said she ignored what sounded like fireworks because of her training in acting school. P Diddy was made aware of what had happened immediately, and Shorty in the Tub says he talked to her and she decided to keep working. Bad Boy Entertainment called her the next day to make sure she was alright and to offer to help in anyway. On ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, P Diddy tells Jimmy she was a great sport about it.

Hmmm. Well, I wouldn’t want Kevin Hart to be around if I needed help, especially if my hair was on fire. We all know he would think it was just too funny! BTW, Shorty in the Tub says she doesn’t have a weave. She says her real hair caught on fire, and her scalp is burned.

Dear Shorty in the Tub,

If I were you, I would have called it a day and went to the hospital!

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