Betty Ford Center Employee Fired After Identifying Lindsay Lohan As Her Attacker in the Media

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According to a released statement, the woman who says Lindsay Lohan attacked her on December 12th and subsequently forced her to go on worker’s compensation has been fired from the Betty Ford center. The spokesperson for the Betty Ford center said that Dawn Holland was terminated for “violating strict confidentiality guidelines and laws by publicly identifying patients in a media interview and by disclosing a privileged document”. A source close to Lindsay Lohan says, Dawn Holland and Lindsay hadn’t been getting along. The source also says when the incident took place, Lindsay Lohan was running 10 minutes late from a hair appointment and Dawn Holland came up to Lindsay demanding she take a urine test, but Lindsay responded by brushing her off and trying to walk away.

According to further reports, however, it seems Dawn Holland believes Lindsay and the two other girls left the facility, without permission, to go “drinking” and jumped the¬†wall to get back in. Dawn Holland is said to have asked all three to take a breathalyzer and that’s when Lindsay supposedly started to cuss her out and then stormed off to call 911. But the story goes, and gets juicier, when Holland picks up another phone to talk to the 911 operator and the alleged attack took place. Word is, Dawn Holland is claiming Lindsay grabbed her hand to try to take the phone away, causing her to sprain her wrist, which then resulted in her having to go on worker’s compensation. “She had alcohol on her breath. I did not touch the woman. I am not willing to risk my job over any patient,” says Dawn Holland.

Police are still investigating what took place on December 12th and might charge either party, or both, with a misdemeanor.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

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