New Season of Jersey Shore Airs Tomorrow with a New Surprising Roomate

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If you just can’t get enough, and you’ve found yourself suffering from visual “Jersey Shore Fist Pump” withdrawals, don’t let your anxiety get the best of you because Jersey Shore is making a comeback tomorrow, January 6th, with a brand new hair raising, fist pumping season- With a surprising new roommate to boot! It looks like this surprising new roommate, who will strip down in front of The Situation, is replacing Angela… And there are really no regrets, because Angelina decided to leave the house two times, since the beginning of the show; and now, it seems, the current partnership with MTV has come to an end.

So the network has a brand new person to join the house…! Who’s this surprising new roommate? The new roommate’s name is Deena and she is 4 feet tall- just like, or almost like Snooki. The trailer for the new season will give you lots of hints as to what going to be happening throughout the season. For starters, Snooki gets arrested, Ronnie breaks a stripper pole and Ronnie and Sam are still together, J-Wow breaks up with her boyfriend, Deena will take off her clothes on her first day in the house, and Snooki…? Well, you just have to watch. And if you think the Jersey Shore will come to an end after this season, don’t bet on it.¬†Negotiations between the roommates¬†and MTV for a fourth season is on the table.

Jersey Shore Cast

Jersey Shore Cast

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