Palin Family Leaving Alaska and Moving to Arizona!?

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Arizona may have a new high-profile and very famous family moving to their state from Alaska. Sources say that Dancing with the Star’s Bristol Palin bought a five bedroom house in Maricopa, Arizona. This news started rumors that the whole Palin family might move to Arizona. The Palins have yet to release a statement about who’s going to occupy the property, but the mayor of Maricopa says that he gave a tour of the city to Todd Palin, Sarah Palin’s husband and Bristol’s father, and he was almost sure the Palins were looking to relocate.

According to reports, the records of Pinal County indicate that Bristol paid 172,000 for her new stucco home in Maricopa, Arizona. The house is said to have went into foreclosure, but was previously sold for $330,000. The town which looks like there is really nothing to brag about, boasts they are a small close knit community. This town sounds fitting, and very similar to where the Palins live now. But we’re almost willing to bet that the home is probably for Bristol Palin and her son Tripp, or even just another investment opportunity.

Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin

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